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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another trip to FedEx...

And this was a very important trip! We sent our dossier to our agency today! They should receive it on Wednesday, and after reviewing everything, they will send it over to Moldova to begin translation. We still need to send approval from USCIS after we get it (apostilled, of course), but right now, there is nothing else in this big paper-chase that we can do. Wow, I can't even believe it!

Caleb excited about mailing the dossier to bring sister home! 

Somebody's going to be a BROTHER!

Lord, you are so good! To think that only a few short months ago You began to weave this idea of adoption in our hearts...and here we are today sending our paperwork to our agency to ultimately go to Moldova, where the little girl that You have for us is waiting. We know, Lord, that before the beginning of time You planned this for us and our daughter. This is all a part of Your perfect plan to bring our daughter home to us. Father, thank You for Your faithfulness in each step that we have taken so far. Please bring this adoption to completion -- and our daughter home to us -- in Your perfect timing.

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