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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buy Coffee and Bring Our Little Girl Home!

Please check out this company that sells FAIR TRADE coffee while helping families bring home their children! For each item purchased, Just Love Coffee Roasters will give $5 toward bringing our little girl home.

Think about purchasing gifts for Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever!

As one friend stated,
Fair Trade + Coffee + Helping Orphan = WIN, WIN, WIN!!!


- Purchase coffee online for $12.95 + tax + shipping
- If you live here locally, you can purchase coffee from us directly by emailing us at Shaverfamilyadoption@yahoo.com. This great organization is in Murfreesboro, so we'll be stopping by there about once a month on our way to visit my parents in Middle Tennessee. We'll stock up so that you can purchase from us and save money on shipping.

Thanks for helping us bring our little girl home!!!


  1. I have tried this coffe and it is great tasting. People who drink coffee need to buy this to enjoy for themselves and to help in the efforts to bring home my granddaughter. If you do not drink coffee, you know someone who does and what a great gift this would make for them. Place your orders now!!!