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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thirty One Party Results

Drum roll, please...

The results are in! Seventy-one people placed an order with Thirty One, spending nearly $4,000 in retail sales. As a result, we will receive around $850 for our adoption. Wow! What a blessing! Thank you to everyone who ordered something in support of our adoption! We are truly grateful for you. And a big thank you to Margaret, the Thirty One Consultant, who was obedient to the Lord's calling and willingly gave up the profits from the party to help pay the ransom to bring our daughter home. This sweet friend spent numerous hours praying for our party, answering question after question, taking a ton of orders, and keying them all in.  

It's been amazing to see the Lord at work throughout this adoption journey. The Thirty One party is just one tangible reminder of His faithfulness. To many, the Thirty One party just seemed like another fundraiser. But it was so much more than that. Many still do not know how the party came about, so I'll share the story with you. On Thursday, June 3, I was running errands one morning, and as Caleb napped in the backseat, I just spent some time praying over our adoption and specifically that the Lord would provide financially for our needs. When I went to check my Facebook messages a little later, there was a message waiting for me sent at 10:32 a.m. the same Thursday morning that I spent time praying over our adoption. It was from Margaret, an acquaintance from Bible study and church. She shared that she wanted to do a Thirty-One party to help fund our adoption, writing that the Lord specifically told her to do this party to help us bring our daughter home. Is that not incredible?! I'm just blown away by God's goodness!!!  

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