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Monday, August 9, 2010

We've Been Approved!

Two posts in one day!

I got a sweet little surprise today when I went out to the mailbox to find our USCIS approval letter waiting for us! We've been approved to adopt our little girl! Hooray!!!

I wish y'all could see me right now...I'm so giddy! I can hardly concentrate on getting my "to do" list completed. This is really happening, and we're getting so close to bringing our little girl home! Our little girl. We are so ready for her to be a part of our family!

So...now...we wait on THE CALL with information on our referral. Please, please, please keep praying! Pray that the Lord will continue to protect our daughter until we can get to Moldova. Pray that, if it's His will, we will receive our referral in record time and that we will bring her home just as quickly. Pray for His continued provision for our family.

Lord, thank you for Your goodness to us! You never cease to amaze us! Thank you for moving things along so quickly in this process! Lord, we ask that You would see our adoption through to completion SOON and bring our little girl home. Please help us trust You and Your timing.


  1. WOW!!! Even MORE amazing1 Praying for you guys!

  2. That's awesome!!! We're going to start our Moldovan adoption journey in a couple weeks! I'm sooooo excited for you!!! :)