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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Garage Sale Results!!!

The Lord once again provided for us beyond our wildest imagination at our garage sale this past weekend! After 3 days and over 25 families donating items, we raised $2,370.11. WOW! 

Thank you to our family and friends who gave us their stuff for us to sell. We appreciate each of you and your willingness to give your things for our sale. What a blessing you are to us! And thanks to everyone who came out in support of our sale. It means so much to us to see how many people are so excited to help us bring our little girl home!

Now, some pictures for you to enjoy... 

Before Pictures...

And After Pictures (there was hardly anything left!)...

Thank You, Lord, for the good weather, our generous family/friends who donated their stuff for us to sell, and all of the people who came out and bought stuff, often giving us more for it than what we asked. Thank You for Your provision! 

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